Forced To Marry The Mafia Boy

Forced To Marry The Mafia Boy

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ILoveStarbucks By ILoveStarbucks Updated Jul 12, 2016

Getting Married wasn't apart of Bella's plan.

Being forced to marry Liam , the mob leaders son was definitely not what she thought she'd be doing her senior year.

Bad boys have nothing against Liam and he knows it but he also knows that Bella is scared shitless of him and only thinks of her as a burden but when something happens to Bella, his walls start to crumble.

Only problem is Bella doesn't remember him

_Drop_Dead_Gorgeous_ _Drop_Dead_Gorgeous_ Jun 19, 2016
Brown hair , brown eyes , and 5'1?!
                              Wow nice to be in the story xD
Twehues01 Twehues01 Jan 18
I just finished with that book! I loved it, can't wait to read the second one.
darkhishan darkhishan Sep 05, 2016
0_100 real quick ,I mean introduce urself and not just pry on ur prey😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
RavensGurl RavensGurl Dec 17, 2016
You'd be surprised. It happens alot in Mexico and Puerto Rico
P4R4D0XK P4R4D0XK Jun 20, 2016
Hopefully this chapter was only rushed because the author didn't want a long boring intro and the next chapters will be slower more realistic and detailed ...hopefully.
RavensGurl RavensGurl Dec 17, 2016
My mom don't let me stay in my room not even to take a freaking nap