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Behind the Mask: Silver Blood Fox

Behind the Mask: Silver Blood Fox

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silv By silverkatana Completed

There's been talk of a new legendary ANBU commander in Konoha. They say he goes by the coveted code name 'Kitsune', and that he's so strong he can take down the Hokage easily. Nobody knows of his true identity except the Hokage - even his own ANBU team doesn't know. His allies say there's a flash of silver before blood litters the battlefield. Fast, graceful and terrifying, killing all his opponents in a matter of seconds. He's earned the nickname 'Silver Blood Fox' and 'Golden Fox' because of the golden fox symbol, and the silver because of the flash of steel and is admired by all.

Then, there's also Uzumaki Naruto, a boy on the same team as Uchiha Sasuke and Haruno Sakura. A genin team. What if they were the same people, on a mission to protect Uchiha Sasuke? How far will Naruto go to complete his mission, and will he complete it in the end?

!ANBU Naruto !Godlike Naruto
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Angiebabs Angiebabs May 18
Why so many damn haters, we get you hate her, but she ain't useless tho
eroois eroois Apr 27
Well Kiba, why don't you piss off and go suck Akamaru's non existent dick.
eroois eroois Apr 27
Sasuke has the face of a rotted corspe and Naruto is totally normal.
                              KAKASHI IS GOALS MUTHAFUCKERS
Dayum Kina you ain't need to do her like that shiiiiit 😂😂😂😂😂😂
lil_lonely lil_lonely Apr 07
I know what everything is but the chokuto... I need a life..
itachii-kun itachii-kun May 06
That is a gross understatement, his ego is bigger than the entire milky way