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Accidentally Bitten (Natsu x Lucy)

Accidentally Bitten (Natsu x Lucy)

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polite tomato By BrownEyedFreak Updated Nov 12, 2016

A runaway prince. A runaway princess. Ones a vampire. The others a mortal. During a fight the prince was trying to stop, he was bitten by the princess. So now, she's gotta help him with his mood swings, lust for blood, and how to control his powers. They meet a couple of vampire friends on the way. Some will betray. Others will help. This obviously isn't your normal love story.

FairyTailNaluIsLife FairyTailNaluIsLife May 08, 2016
For a second, for some reason, i thought this was Natsu's pov (😅) and when Lucy answered to 'princess' I thought it was Natsu, so I was like "what the fudge?!"
SasuSakuSaraUchiha SasuSakuSaraUchiha Sep 27, 2016
ugh. ikr? i was wondering on why the hell would ppl still ship RoYu when it's pretty obvious what the future pairings are...!! people this days, neh?
Artistic_Amna101 Artistic_Amna101 Jul 05, 2016
I claim this dot! It's shall be named 
                              Billy-Bob-A-Doodle the 3rd
QueenJin QueenJin Dec 17, 2015
Me too I kinda can't stand rouge a d yukino I just can't fathom it
Vampie_Neko Vampie_Neko Nov 22, 2015
- - Sep 16, 2015
Update i was laughing so ahrd my parents thought i was crying. Maybe its cuz i cry so much from feels..WHATEVER I NEED MORE