『I Love You Hypocrite Girl』∥ xmh ⊂Re-Writing⊃

『I Love You Hypocrite Girl』∥ xmh ⊂Re-Writing⊃

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S O O N H O O N™ By greenteakid Completed

〔BOOK 1〕

Minghao just moved to a new school at Korea since he is following his mother to go to South Korea but when he went to his new school.

He found a girl who is cold as ice but suddenly when he met that girl at a supermarket everything went weird.

"Why she is very cheery and smiles a lot?"Minghao asked but soon he will know the truth.


Started:10 October 2015
Ended:26 November 2015

⊂Sequel: I Still Love You⊃

〔BOOK 2〕

Two years they had been dating. But, after that one reason they broke apart. One day, fate brought them back together. To a place that they swear they won't step a foot on. 

Will they still love each other like they used to?

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  • fluff
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Michaela1boss Michaela1boss Aug 10, 2017
I hate when there is a new kid and all the girls end up being thirsty. Like if you're thirdty here's some water💦💦💧
Shayeezy Shayeezy Aug 21, 2016
TsukiSeiza TsukiSeiza Jul 20, 2016
Sorry to say this but I'm surprise that I will say these type of thing but no hard words k keep on doing what u love to do fighting
peterparkerrs peterparkerrs Dec 31, 2016
I would like to be called ice princess too! I VOLINTEER AS TRIBUTE 😂