poison ivy ❀ teen wolf [discontinued]

poison ivy ❀ teen wolf [discontinued]

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"Pamela Isely Martin! How dare you do this to your sister, and how dare you ruin my reputation like this!" My mother screams at me from across the room, and takes a gulp of brandy out of her fancy glass.

"I-I don't know what I did Mom," I stutter, "it wasn't my fault, he did this to me." 

"Why can't you just be like your sister?" She whispers. 

"I've tried! I can't be perfect. I can't be an oblivious spoiled brat for the rest of my life, I want to be a scientist."

"Well then it's a good thing you're going to an asylum, somewhere people like you can get help," Lydia smirks.

"W-what?" The color drains from my face, my body is trembling with wrath and sadness. How could they do this to me? "did dad say this was okay?"

"Of course, he signed the papers with me," she laughs in a drunken stupor, "now get packed, you're leaving tomorrow morning." 

And from that moment on, Pamela didn't exist anymore; only pain and revenge. 

[Seasons 3b + 5]

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AddieLovesPizza421 AddieLovesPizza421 Nov 23, 2016
These whole playlists are my life. My favorite one is insanity♥
deletedaccountgoaway deletedaccountgoaway Jan 12, 2016
Thank the lord that someone finally put Lana Del Rey on their palylists
ohjnny ohjnny Nov 26, 2015
jc_girly jc_girly Nov 12, 2015
OMG a song I think would work perfect would be "Jet Black Heart by 5SOS" I've only heard it once (right now) but I think it ties perfectly with the theme
Kandii395 Kandii395 Aug 31, 2015
Bad*ss twin sister of Lydia? Count me in! I'm a sucker for DC Comics inspired fics! ;)