Worlds Apart

Worlds Apart

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Kelsey By chooseitwisely Completed

Jude Turner has a problem. 

Actually, she has a few of concerning fame, alcohol, rivalries, lifestyle and hiatus. Yet - for the moment - her main affair is a solo album. With the band she’d joined at just fifteen years old going on a break, Jude is left wallowing for over a year until she decides to make that elusive solo album. But she goes one step further when she decides to go deep into the Californian desert to record at a legendary studio.

When a musical rivalry as old as time is renewed with The Bends, a band cemented on the tumultuous relationship of Cam and Logan Harrison, she can’t seem to find stable footing in this new solo world, let alone enough to stand her own against two obnoxiously arrogant brothers.  

It could be the album of a lifetime or the nightmare of hers. And Jude is finding that there's a very thin line that separates the two.

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Bass-Girl-13 Bass-Girl-13 Oct 01, 2016
Really excited to be reading this, again! 
                              I'll try and remember to vote for every chapter with this account.. It's just to easy to forget when the story is so great you can't wait to get to the next part.
RubyRosez RubyRosez Feb 20, 2017
Well I've never been acquainted with someone who openly admitted their like for drugs.
HellishCoincidence HellishCoincidence Jun 17, 2014
I love the Courtney Love reference. I hope more than half of the readers get it...
Street_Youth_Rage Street_Youth_Rage May 17, 2014
You have a good taste in music, and we have the same birthday! You're officially my favourite!
horseridingisasport horseridingisasport Feb 11, 2014
Can i just tell you how freaking cool you are??? seriously, you're taste in music is absolutely fabulous and your writing is simply divine. well done girl!!! <3 <3
HeartsAndArrows HeartsAndArrows Sep 01, 2013
I like Jude!  She's really funny, and I like her comparison of shelving bottled water to a game show!