Beautiful Mistakes

Beautiful Mistakes

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"We all make mistakes in life  that almost always end up being our BEAUTIFUL MISTAKES"

Arabella Collins,a selfless sweet caring girl who has never done anything bad in her life.Unlike other people her age who love to live young,wild and free and love to go to parties.She'd rather stay at home and read a book while drinking a cup of coffee.She also happens to own a bookstore and a cafe.All in one building.

Alexander Steel,the hardworking CEO of Steel Corporation and a party-hard Casanova(Man-whore) at night.He is ruthless and everyone fears him.Yet,Paparazzi always chase him around.He could easily destroy someone with the snap of his fingers.No one dares to get on his bad side.He's known as one of the most handsome and wealthiest men in America.Every woman desires to be with him.

How could these two possibly crossed each other's paths?You're probably wondering.... 

Arabella was invited to the most anticipated party in town by her best friend.For once,she couldn't refuse to go to the party.There in the party,she had a few drinks and met some guy and the rest was a blur for her.

As a result of that night,she finds out that she's pregnant and must find him to tell him.He doesn't believe her,insults her,and accuses her of only being after his money.

(Sorry that the summary sucks but I promise that the book will be really good.Please give this book a chance) 

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sugarbaby2869 sugarbaby2869 May 15, 2016
Great start off of this story. I'm enjoying it so far.arabella you don't have to tell that lying little we bssey shound.
AmySmithEllis AmySmithEllis Oct 06, 2015
Better summary then I've ever done, can't wait to read this Adventure.
N-R-Dustin N-R-Dustin Sep 30, 2015
The summary is quite good actually. I cannot wait to read more :) :)