He Stuttered His Way Into My Heart [Ziam]

He Stuttered His Way Into My Heart [Ziam]

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Liam is the shy, quiet teen boy in the small city of Wolverhampton. He doesn't have many friends and he doesn't bother to make any. Liam has one problem. A problem that makes everyone in town make fun of him or laugh at him. He has a stuttering disorder.

The only time you'll ever see a smile on Liam's face or a twinkle in his eye is when he's singing. Singing is his passion, his only source of comfort. Singing is his getaway from the rest of the cruel world. Singing is the only thing he can do without stuttering and getting himself made fun of for.

Zayn Malik, the bad boy moves into town and he's immediately mesmerized by the brown eyed stuttering boy. Matter of fact, he's infatuated with him.

Zayn does everything in his power to get to know Liam. He loves talking and listening to his princess despite what the whole town is telling him.

"Give daddy a kiss, princess." 


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Cover: @HunterMay18

Dunno why I'm reading a book where Zayn is gonna top but eh I'm bored and you're a good writer so far
AAAAAAAAAAÀAAAAAAAAAAAAH! I really loved the way you described zayns smell
Oh, Prince Zayn, where art thou? Thou's romeo calleth for thou.
esme380 esme380 Oct 30
But isn't a 4.0 GPA low? Idk I have a 6.5 GPA and let me tell you it's not the highest you can find in my school
Officer Galaxia here, and I'm sorry Andy but we need you to BACK THE BURRITO UP BECAUSE ZIAM ISN'T TO BE INTERRUPTED IN A STORY. 
                              Thank you for your cooperation. *drops mic*
Some people may think it's weird but I think it's pretty cute.❤️