wake up, phil - [phan]

wake up, phil - [phan]

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'Oh God Phil, I know you've messed up in the past, but this time you've really done it.'

Dan and Phil go to a restaurant one November evening to visit Dan's parents. It all seems like a pleasant evening, until Phil accidentally exposes his relationship with Dan, who knows his parents are severely homophobic.

Mistakes are made, and Phil ends up in hospital.

Dan, alone, waits for weeks for Phil to wake up from his coma state, until one day, he decides he can't wait any longer, so he tries to end his life to be with Phil, whom he thinks is dead.

Phil wakes up, only to find Dan is not by his side, but on his way to a bridge over the Thames as he prepares to jump into the murky waters and take his own life.

( WARNINGS: swearing, a few TWs, anger and violence )

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FudgyChan FudgyChan Jul 07, 2017
I'm rereading *grabs tissues and carton of ice cream * Let's do this
I feel bad /: I'm all for them but like I wonder is this the case irl ??? I'd feel awfulll omg. If they announced as a couple I'd be happy I wouldn't like harass them or some mad stuff like that wtf
-Melanielovesyou- -Melanielovesyou- Jul 26, 2017
I mean, I wouldn't be able to breathe for a while if they came out and came out as a couple, but I wouldn't harass them ):
chrrykola chrrykola Nov 06, 2017
I could care less if they aren't a couple, I'll still fantasize, but I wouldnt harass them...
Asmighty Asmighty Nov 11, 2017
I know people are mean to Phil but it probs hurts Dan too when people say they like him more because he's hot as he once said that no one would watch him if he wasn't attractive but when people are asked why they like Phil, they say that they like his personality and his attractiveness is a plus.
Phil just brings me joy , I know if I'm sad I can just watch one of his videos and feel so much better. He's an actual angel