wake up, phil - [phan]

wake up, phil - [phan]

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'Oh God Phil, I know you've messed up in the past, but this time you've really done it.'

Dan and Phil go to a restaurant one November evening to visit Dan's parents. It all seems like a pleasant evening, until Phil accidentally exposes his relationship with Dan, who knows his parents are severely homophobic.

Mistakes are made, and Phil ends up in hospital.

Dan, alone, waits for weeks for Phil to wake up from his coma state, until one day, he decides he can't wait any longer, so he tries to end his life to be with Phil, whom he thinks is dead.

Phil wakes up, only to find Dan is not by his side, but on his way to a bridge over the Thames as he prepares to jump into the murky waters and take his own life.

( WARNINGS: swearing, a few TWs, anger and violence )

Nooooo Dan why? You love him and you'll get through it together.
"Imagine all the people, living, for today!" ~John Lennon, Imagine. 
                              Hello, my name is [Grayson] and I will be quoting song lyrics throughout this book. I apologise in advance.
Thing is, my friends give out to me if I say I like one more than the other. Like, both of them are my SMOL beans, but I watched Dan first through Tyler. I say this to my friends and they're like, "You can't like one more than the other", and I don't really. I just saw Dan first.
                              Soz I'm ranting
If I'm being honest here, I think Phil is more attractive than Dan. Phil is super nice to everyone and I think that's what makes him stand out even more than Dan. Plus I've been watching his videos for many years so of course I'd prefer Phil over Dan. But I still love them both.
"We can work it out! We can work it out! Life is very short, and there's no ti-i-i-i-ime, for fussing and fighting my friends!" ~The Beatles
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