Deus Rising

Deus Rising

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Cyans watched in horror as one of them fell. 
Lantanas raised arms, defended to no avail. 
Scarlets cried for blood, justice to be given. 
Orchids stood by, silent, only pride driven.
Jades closed off, no solace to lend. 
Kerrias wanted peace, for violence to end.

There is a boy who is lost in his thoughts, his dreams, his memories.

The Pavilion is his paradise, an isolated complex where the virulent hands of pollution never reached. As if that mattered--he's been long immune since the testing process. For eight years he's trained with the others, learning to fight, carry himself, and more importantly, control the gift they blessed him with. The plan was simple: become a task force and reinforce the strength of a dying nation. All was perfect, until their disillusioned world fell apart piece by piece. Shifty eyes and hoisted guns, questions were never quite answered.

Only one ideal was certain.

❝Rise, Deus.❞

First draft.
Book 1 || Daybreak Chronicles 
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