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The New Demon of Gravity Falls

The New Demon of Gravity Falls

60.5K Reads 2.3K Votes 23 Part Story
Tock_Camo_Goldie By Tock_Camo_Goldie Completed

Dipper becomes a dream demon to save Mabel from Bill Cipher. Together Bill and Dipper are planning, while Mabel, Stan, and Ford are trying to get him back. They don't know he is a demon, but they DO assume Bill is planning something sinister. Is he really? Will Dipper be a powerful dream demon controlled by insanity forever, or will he somehow become human again. After all, he is still half human.

「So I wrote this story a long time ago and plan to put it under EXTREMELY STRICT EDITING!!! Until then, please ignore the shitty quality and the shitty OCs that I plan on removing. ;) Thankee and luv you!」

PS: I Googled demon Dipper to get this cover lol. I don't own it. Peace✌
title name by Hardy Twister!

CieloVongolaPrimo CieloVongolaPrimo Sep 25, 2016
I just thought it was "Ohayo pinetree!shooting star! " 😂 in cute voice ..
GravityFalls6181218 GravityFalls6181218 Apr 04, 2016
OMG! Ford just called Dipper an idiot! DX BU T I LOVE THIS SO FAR!!!!
golden_duckie golden_duckie Feb 05, 2016
Bill is a triangle and Triangles have Points.....ILUMMINATI CONFIRMED
SebastainMichaelis55 SebastainMichaelis55 Jul 29, 2016
When someone's says ur crazy it's a compliment typical bill that's y I love that guy
MynameisNeeks MynameisNeeks Oct 15, 2016
I'm searching through Gravity Falls fanfics and I see "Heyo!" @TheRadNerd
GasterBlasterSans GasterBlasterSans Jul 20, 2016
*le gasp* I AM TOO!!! *le hug* YAYYYY
                              Bill: FVCK OFF SANS 
                              ME: Jee papyrus calm down
                              Bill:Papyrus? Who's dat...
                              Papyrus: FVCK YOU BILL