The New Demon of Gravity Falls

The New Demon of Gravity Falls

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I wrote this so long ago and it is crappy.

Beware of poorly written plot and HORRIFIC OCs.

PS: I Googled demon Dipper to get this cover lol. I don't own it. Peace✌
title name by Hardy Twister!

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Bill: *turns around* Hey Yvonne. How's the wife doing? 
                              Yvonne: Oh she's great thanks for asking. I'm going to leave now so you can do what you do.
                              Bill: Aw thanks Yvonne, you're a peach. *takes a deep breath* anYWAYS-
I read this in DanTDM's Flowie voice. I'm done. Really great fanfic, though. Most of the Gravity Falls fanfic's on here are just cringe. This one's pretty good, though.
CieloVongolaPrimo CieloVongolaPrimo Sep 25, 2016
I just thought it was "Ohayo pinetree!shooting star! " 😂 in cute voice ..
GravityFalls6181218 GravityFalls6181218 Apr 04, 2016
OMG! Ford just called Dipper an idiot! DX BU T I LOVE THIS SO FAR!!!!
golden_duckie golden_duckie Feb 05, 2016
Bill is a triangle and Triangles have Points.....ILUMMINATI CONFIRMED
SebastainMichaelis55 SebastainMichaelis55 Jul 29, 2016
When someone's says ur crazy it's a compliment typical bill that's y I love that guy