Percy Jackson and the Avengers(Percy Jackson Fanfiction)

Percy Jackson and the Avengers(Percy Jackson Fanfiction)

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Just an Everday Book Nerd By HalfDemigod Updated Dec 16, 2015

Percy lost everything in the giant war. His friends, his mom, Paul, Annabeth...

When he thought nothing could get any worse, the gods banish him as a traitor for no reason. He runs away and goes into his parent's apartment, alone and broken.

Shield has been looking for Perseus Jackson, the mysterious child terrorist. When they finally get intell on him after a year, Fury sends the Avengers to catch this highly dangerous threat and bring him in. Fury wants answers from him and he isn't afraid to hurt him in the process.

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Oi! Put those scissors back up your pocket! You better. Aw darn its too late but wait! Gorilla Glue the string togethet again!!!
Percy is SHORE that Jason would be SHOCKED about your unGRACEful pun and Thalia would slap you calling it a disGRACE
GoldenMoonRays GoldenMoonRays 5 days ago
Would have been better with a bit more detailed descriptions. It felt like it was a bit rushed. No worries you can improve in that in the next chapters
SpartaSavo SpartaSavo Oct 17
When someome no longer has something to fear their enemies had best flea for their lives
*creepy giggle* Do you want to play? 
                              (I can be REALLY creepy sometimes. Irl too)