All Boys Have Cooties (boyxboy)

All Boys Have Cooties (boyxboy)

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Terry By Lukeforprez Updated Jan 03, 2016

Nolan Lansford is in love with his worst enemy. Cliche, I know. But it's true, he's in love with the annoying, cocky, and frustratingly sexy Tony Wendall, the very bane of his existence his entire 17 years of life. 

But he just can't help it! Especially not with their moms making them hang out, and being on the same swim team. 

But Tony hates Nolan as much as Nolan hates Tony, nothing will ever come from it, right?

That's what he thought, until Tony started sending him second glances, then third glances, until they end up kissing at a party! 

But they were drunk, nothing will ever come of it! Right?

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NoPE. Not cute. 
                              That confirms it! I am only attracted to anime guys. I for some reason don't find real boys cute...
                              And I HATE anime girls. And I find real girls attractive...
                              wtf is wrong with me??
-UniversaL- -UniversaL- Sep 09
I got to a Christian school. So you better best believe I got to dress nicely. Somedays. Can't show off too much skin now.
QuietGurl15 QuietGurl15 Apr 12
You hate him yet you have a crush on him....?
wizard_heir wizard_heir Sep 12
I just made this really airy high pitched laugh... Then started choking...
Gorgeous, fabulous, amazing, stunning, perfect, beautiful, im running out of adjectives to say, pretty, sexy,  etc.
I don’t care what you want me to wear it will always be 
                              hair down and messy