The Ugly Girl & the Mute Boy || Editing

The Ugly Girl & the Mute Boy || Editing

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Completed & under editing. Oak View High has a tradition: The Attractive List. It lists every girl in the school in order of how attractive they are.

So when Charlotte Lawrence, sister of the Sexiest Girl for the last four years Kiera Lawrence, is listed as the ugliest girl in school she gets 'disowned' by her family. Why? Because being the ugliest girl in school is the worst spot on the Attractive List because it's the bottom spot. No girl in her family has ever been below the Beautifuls. Charlie is a shame to the family name. So, she uses the fact the Ugliest Girl spot to her advantage. Her family won't care if she gets a tutor for English.

Matthew Carter hasn't said a word since the third grade. No one knows why. He prefers to be alone reading then socializing. He is always being bullied by Ethan Michaels, boyfriend of the Sexiest Girl. Matt doesn't care about what people in Oak View think because he isn't staying for long. So why not tutor a girl in English?

What's the worst that can happen?

Original story and Original characters. I don't own the cover or any chapter photos I found the pictures online. Credits to the original artist.

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