texts. [liam dunbar]

texts. [liam dunbar]

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unknown number: i drove by all the places we used to hang out getting wasted
you: new phone who dis
you: also did you just send me 5sos lyrics

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x_xwOAhx_x x_xwOAhx_x Aug 21, 2017
OMG OR YOU COULD DRIVE THE BUS INTO A RIVER 😩😩 (man of steel reference cos yknow Dylan was in man of steel) 😤😤😑😓😭😮
QueenDove_M11 QueenDove_M11 Sep 24, 2017
So... you were watching po*n while texting her?? 😑😑🙌🏻👉🏻🚪
wheresyourshirt wheresyourshirt Aug 07, 2017
Literally wasn't gunna read till I saw 5sos being quoted. Idk who u r but I love you 💕
fruitygrayson fruitygrayson Sep 17, 2017
TBH all of the real talent comes from England,I mean,little mix,one direction and TOM HOLLAND 
                              IM FROM ENGLAND GUYS
alley13zera alley13zera Oct 31, 2017
Want me to check if your d*ck is okay after I punch it since you want to say some perverted sh*t to me, huh, mr. fuckboy?
alley13zera alley13zera Oct 31, 2017
I wonder what it's like having boobs, because I wouldn't know what that's like