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Detached [h.s au] - Completed

Detached [h.s au] - Completed

336K Reads 22.1K Votes 73 Part Story
J By harreh_curls Completed

The world as we know does not exist anymore.

After dealing with events that almost destroyed the entire human race, people did everything they could to protect themselves against the harsh environment. 

Unfortunately, it came with the price.

In the world where love is just a myth, can one person make any difference?

This story is AU which means even if you're not a fan of 1D you can still read it! 
You can imagine whoever you want as characters in the book.

Highest ranking: 
#43 in fanfiction 
#82 in science fiction

omfwhyno omfwhyno 5 days ago
where all the comments for smut? my fellow fangirls didnt support me on this
With many humans *cough Louis cough* reproduction shouldn't be a problem
Lol omg I'm wondering what they think "side to side" means hahaha
That's kinda hard to believe that the human population will one day decrease. Especially considering that now in 2017, there are over 7.4 billion people on the earth
Chingyonce Chingyonce Jan 22
this lowkey reminds me of the movie Aquamarine where love doesn't exist in the ocean but when she was a mermaid she saw love or some shitt idek
- - Aug 12, 2016
This is every person who ever plotted the death of other people in their minds 😂😫