Dear Diary

Dear Diary

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BlondFangs By BlondFangs Updated Jan 28, 2012

Dear Diary...

Is deeply intrusive and open
It reveals some of 
my deepest darkest thoughts 
in the form 
of short descriptive 
poetic entries. 

It conveys themes 
of depression 
and love. 

You have 
a front row seat 
into the weird 
and wonderfulness 
of my warped mind.

  • depression
  • grief
  • intrusive
  • mouring
JulieVitt JulieVitt Jul 20, 2015
Wow! You are so good at writing! I absolutely love this!! You should be an author!!! :3
burrs- burrs- May 06, 2014
You have a very poetic writing style, one which I enjoy reading and will recommend others to read.
MiniMastermind MiniMastermind Aug 16, 2012
Reallyy goodd!! Omgg!!tee hee..hopefully ima get as many reads as u...ive began to rite my first book..plz read tips?... fankss....*shy smile*
GenXblogger GenXblogger Mar 21, 2011
I really like this! This really shows your strong writing style. 
BlondFangs BlondFangs Jan 05, 2011
@Boom_Boom05 Aw thank you. My bedroom walls look neat, with doodles and quotes ect. Luckily my dad doesn't mind so long as I don't write on the Walls outside my bedroom too. :)?
acedreza acedreza Dec 22, 2010
hahahaha, black attire does not dominate my wardrobe nor do sterotypical mid sets invade my brain.. likes... lemme read next parts