Old Memories • CATWS/Ghost Guardian

Old Memories • CATWS/Ghost Guardian

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Maggie Lee By SuperHopelessFangirl Updated Jul 29

[Book 2]

Life was finally going her way.
She had two loving parental figures looking after her,
An AI system to talk to,
A home,
An almost normal life,
She has everything she wanted.
She was finally at peace.

But everything changes when S.H.I.E.L.D. asks for her help one last time.

Old memories resurface, that were hidden for many reasons.

She faces someone she thought she killed years ago, someone she loved.

Another factor in the reasons she wanted to end her existence.

And no matter what she was going to get him back,

Her winter solider.

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Dude:"hey Mike can you prepare my lunch for tomorrow? What? U cant??? Dang, hold up we're getting attacked? By wh-*GETS FRIGGEN KICKED OUT OF NO WHERE, TOPPLES OVER THE RAILING AND FREE FALLS*
xoxHalsxox xoxHalsxox Aug 16
Uh*Stark and Strange look nervous*
                              Them: Whaaa why would you say that... Are you calling me a liar?!
                              Me: well I ain't calling you a truther!
                              Ik I'm weird but if you got the reference then I love you
I always do this to my friends 😂 although not running, riding horses. I cant run for Śhït
Iceberg_Cat Iceberg_Cat Oct 15, 2015
I love this story!!! 
                              Please update as soon as possible!!!! XD
cuppa-tae cuppa-tae Sep 23, 2015
I haven't read the chap yet. Any references to Age Of Ultron? I haven't been able to watch it yet...
SPN-HP-PJO-Lover SPN-HP-PJO-Lover Sep 01, 2015
Why is it Nat always starts to threaten people if they don't want to do it.