Check, Please (Book #2)

Check, Please (Book #2)

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Lia By ghostwritethewhip Updated Oct 23, 2016

Scott Donahue is tired. 
Tired of failing his classes. 
Tired of his dad constantly comparing him to his overachieving older brother. 
Tired of having his heart broken by his beautiful, yet fickle, on again-off again girlfriend...
But, most of all, he's tired of always making the wrong decision. 
With his parents threatening to cut him off if he doesn't pull up his grades, Scott struggles to balance the academic and social pressures of college as he begins what should have been his senior year. Between weekly appointments with the campus shrink, rowdy fraternity meetings, and a growing attraction for his red-haired kinesiology tutor, Scott knows that he needs to sort his life out -- the problem is that he has no idea what he wants to do with it. 

[Sequel to SLEAZE]

Cover by @Dandino 

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- - Feb 29, 2016
I haven't read the first book but I am not lost while reading this chapter. Your characters are very relatable ones, some of the teenagers who might read your book will, somehow, be related to them. I do like the plot and I adore how well you are describing the scenes that happens. Well done!
ya_yarnspinner ya_yarnspinner Jan 03, 2016
Love this! So excited to see this world from a different perspective xx
OutOf_Love OutOf_Love Nov 23, 2015
Okay, this is your critique:
                              Your story and blurb were absolutely perfect, and published material. The only problem would be that your cover has a little too much going on. It would personally make me be wary of the story, but it wouldn't turn me off to it. Absolutely perfect!
jellysandwich98 jellysandwich98 Oct 23, 2015
YESS i finished sleaze like 5 min agoAND IM READY FOR THIS.
                              who even needs to do homework...
catchingsunlight catchingsunlight Oct 12, 2015
Love love love Scott. He has that college kid angst and its super relatable. I also really enjoyed seeing how Parker and Sophie are doing. My Sparker heart needed it now that Sleaze is over. I'm officially hooked on this story! :)
catchingsunlight catchingsunlight Oct 12, 2015
Definitely been guilty of doing this more than once or twice haha