Specially mixed #Wattys2014

Specially mixed #Wattys2014

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Bristina has never had anyone to rely on, she never had friends and her parents have always ignored her. 

What happens when Bristina's family moves towards a new town? It's nothing new to her though because they always move at least twice in three years because of her father's job.

Her birthday date is creeping nearer and nearer, but what's happening to her? 

Strange things are happening to Bristina, if you are remotely interrested in her story, then read and find out what happens to Bristina when her life dramatically changes.


I really hope you guys like this story, its my first super natural book, but looking at the comments I keep getting it seems I'm doing ok, so dear reader, I hope you like it :) 


Chandre' xx

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The alarm clock, duh. It hates everyone, I repeat EVERY SINGLE PERSON!
Marsshyy Marsshyy Mar 17
I just finished reading TGGBB and I thought of JORDIE my baby
Bs  no way this girl has no social life. Wait,  no, she  probably doesn't talk to anyone cause she's way to good.
Aaaand I'm no longer reading this book due to this sentence. Lol jk
Ok I am simply confused. If all the boys are trying to get her attention why is she a loner?
PosheMawone PosheMawone Jul 25
WHO SHALL DARE TO AWAKEN ME AT - *checks clock furiously* - 6 IN DA FOCKIN MORNIN'