Messages To Joe | J.S

Messages To Joe | J.S

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This is the story of one regular girl and one regular boy becoming a little less regular together in their own little worlds which are about to collide and they don't even know it.
Joe Sugg begins as an 18 year old, sitting in the shadow of the fame of his sister, Zoella. When he messages Amber Kingsley - a regular south London girl - he finds the answer to his boredom and not only because of her, but also the idea of starting his own YouTube channel.

3 years later and ThatcherJoe has got over 5 million subscribers, a book and nearly a film big whereas Amber's life has only just fixed itself.

When the pair finally cross paths, it'll be for good...but will it actually turn out not to be what they wanted?

Many trips, many tours and many moments later, they have to make a big decision...
1 Boy.
1 Girl.
1000 Messages.


Not actually only messages, some POV chapters too but they will be marked eg. {0030} instead of eg. [0031]


This book is a mess and only read if you can deal with a lot of stuff happening, Thank You!


Joe beings as 18-21 I think Idek I confuse myself and Amber 16-19

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Holliehox Holliehox Apr 05, 2017
I had a mate from primary called Joe and my phone would always change his name to Hoe 😂
AGirlInASweater AGirlInASweater May 25, 2017
anyone else love having friends whos name auto corrects like i have a friend called Joe but it always corrects to Hoe, Fransis corrects to Pensis
shrekass shrekass Sep 07, 2015
This a cute story or way to write one. I can't wait to read more!! xxx