The Difference Between a Psychopath and a Psychotic ||Jeff the Killer||

The Difference Between a Psychopath and a Psychotic ||Jeff the Killer||

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hamiltrash By invisibletrix Updated Oct 15, 2017

||1st Place Jeff the Killer Category Fall Creepypasta Awards 2016||

College student, Vierra Long, had an undying passion for the crazy. She always found some way to find a tiny bit of insanity in everyone else, yet denied it in herself. With a strong path on the way to becoming a psychologist, everything was laid out for her. Almost.

For her class's final, each student must spend a month evaluating a mental patient, and turn in a full evaluation report at the end of the month, detailing their assigned patient's disorders and behaviour.

Vierra, just so happened to be assigned to the infamous Jeffery Woods, and she soon finds it more difficult that she expected, to keep his words from crawling under her skin.~♥

Andy Biersack as Jeffery Woods
Aishwarya Rai Bachchan as Vierra Long

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doctorhooves345 doctorhooves345 May 12, 2017
This book will definitely hold a place in all the creepypasta fanfics I have read over the months. Very well written ^_^
palayepocalypse palayepocalypse Sep 18, 2017
i feel like this makes me a bad person but i laughed really hard at this
Night_Court_Of_Owls Night_Court_Of_Owls Dec 18, 2017
This bitch is far too gone to be saved *smh* he would have be a savage roasting machine.
Jeff you insane wait did i giggle shiiiitttttt 
                              I wanna stab my sister 😑😑😑
lunadash18 lunadash18 May 26, 2017
i would be too
                              who wants there food taken away from them? XD
Lawlightislife Lawlightislife Jul 26, 2017
I was going to comment above that D was for Disturbed in a book I read.