An Aro Voltori love story

An Aro Voltori love story

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A.C. Richards By ashykinzz Completed

We all know Bella and Edward have thier happy ending, but what about Aro? 

After every one of his people left the snowy battlefield, he soon followed but not before saying "Such a prize." Motioning to Bella and Alice. He then turned around and left the scene. It was not known that Aro had indeed stopped in the woods and turned around again to see all the mates happy and hugging each other. 

Bella turned around and saw him watching them and instead of telling the others she observed him. He takes out what looks like a picture and kisses it. He takes one last look at the mates celebrating as he puts the picture back in his pocket but then it falls on the ground, without him knowing.

Later Bella runs over and picks it up and looks to see a picture of a girl. Who is she? What is she? Does Aro love her? But most of all how does she know Aro? 

Bella will answer these questions for herself as well as open up some old wounds.

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StephanieSmith193 StephanieSmith193 Apr 20, 2017
Why r u so interested in the pic. Love it already for the second time
marybellssnape marybellssnape Jul 31, 2016
Love it and now I'll have to read your book to spencerReid2003
spencerReid2003 spencerReid2003 Apr 14, 2015
love it read my book called aro and bella with a fall back ground