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My Vampire Twins

My Vampire Twins

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Rikdiculous By Socially_Awksauce Completed

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"You're sick!" I exclaim as he comes closer to me with his fangs on full show.

"Don't tell me you never envisioned being tied up, completely dominated, helpless." he replies inching impossibly closer to my quivering body. "Nessa I know what you need, what you ache for." he continues as he wraps his long pale fingers around my throat. "Don't tell me you have never longed for someone to take all the fear and worrying away," he leans his face down so his incredible lips are only inches from mine. "Little one, just submit yourself, and I can give you everything you need, and could ever desire."

His words were almost as intoxicating as his scent, and I just have to taste his lips. I let my eyelids flutter closed, and lean my head up as a signal that I want him to kiss me. When his sinful lips don't meet mine, I slip out of the fantasy I had gone along with for too long, and glare up at him. "Stop using your vampire mind tricks on me." I seethe as he started kissing my fingertips.

"Oh my dear," he replies with a chuckle, "there is no mind tricks there." He finishes with a wink right before he bites into my wrist, and I am sent to a heavenly bliss.


Meet Nessa. She is a shy, smart, and overall damaged girl,  Nessa has just about one thing in this world that she loves, and that is her best friend Carson. Little does she know, her already crumbling world, is about it be turned upside down, when her her family sells her into the Vampire Slave System. Life as she knows it is ripped out from under her feet, and she is thrust head first into the vampire's way of life. 

Come along for the ride, and be prepared for blood, sweat, and tears, because this is sure as hell going to be bumpy.

TopVip30 TopVip30 Mar 15
When I read the description I started singing BTS's Blood Sweat & Tears
I'm here because I read Blood Sweat and Tears in the description and BTS just came into my head... what can I say.. I'm a simple girl
arpnadadel arpnadadel Mar 19
Are you by any chance a Kpop fan because "be ready for blood,sweat and tears " just caught my mind
Wow this is good so far I can't wait to read the rest I literally can't turn away good job so far
EveSlim EveSlim Feb 08
This is not the book that I've read I'm so confused but at the same time I love it so luke is the vampire law still on where humans can leave their homes at a certain time
DaoudiZahia DaoudiZahia Nov 12, 2016
                              Come along for the ride, and be prepared for """blood, sweat, and tears""", because this is sure as hell going to be bumpy.
                              BTS blood sweat and tears xD