Problems - Teacher!Levi x Reader (Modern au) //HIATUS

Problems - Teacher!Levi x Reader (Modern au) //HIATUS

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Juwa By lexantan Updated Sep 13, 2016

Modern au
Teacher!Levi x Reader

This day wasn't your day. Actually it was pretty bad from the start and on top of it you had to stay after school to do all of your undone math homework - and it was quite a lot - with your math teacher Levi. Things however take 180 degrees turn when you find out that the homework wasn't the only reason you had to stay after school. 

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Speaking of math homework I have to do mine and it flipping 10:32
No matter how bored i am or i have nothing to do, i wont do my homework... and i have an armin friend so im pretty set. Besides, the homework is easy af... So, i binge watch fairy tail cause i haven't finished yet
Tati0517 Tati0517 Jul 31
You have to set priorities. You will always have to do homeworks, but your favorite TV-Show/Anime etc. will always be limited! So don't have to think twice! 😏😉
KPop_Trash2 KPop_Trash2 Jul 30
Actually schools in Europe *in France where I live* finish at 3:35 or 4:30 but for my case its ends at 4:30 😢
Lmao I like how they can easily just not come after school but they still do
I actually love the cold... im always that one person that wears t shirts and stuff. 😅