Angel Wings

Angel Wings

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Haven Grace By authorcat14 Completed

Anahalians are the guardian angels whose purpose is to protect the human race from the treacherous vile monsters that spawn from the demon world.  However two of these legends have come to the insecure, completely insignificant, sixteen year old human, Evabelle Davidson, saying that they need HER to save THEM.  

Now this terrified girl has been dragged into a world that she's only read about.  Magic spells, mythical creatures, castles, and a few sexy guys with wings.  In many ways it's a dream come true.  However there's the demonic man that's created a disease to turn these Anahalians into the very monsters they fight against. And the fact that this guy is now after her personally has sort of put a damper on things.  

The only way she can save these angels is for her to swallow her fear, step up, and find her own wings.

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Good beginning! A lil long and you pack a LOT of adjectives into the opening sentence, tho
Ace0fCards Ace0fCards Feb 10
I always love to see how writers describe angel wings. It's always different in their own way, but still manages to be amazing! Bravo! Thank you for being descriptive. can see that? And you're cool with it? Cool cool cool cool
And he looked so nice. Yet another example of how looks can be deceiving
Aly_hertzog Aly_hertzog Jun 27
Oooooo let me get those wings as a highlighter, I'll be glowing better than an angel then SHOOOOOOT
Reading this name like Lucious from Empire. Which will be awkward if this ends up being a girl...