Vampire Fairies

Vampire Fairies

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ziall_nalu By ziall_nalu Updated Nov 18, 2016

Magnolia is a small town in Fiore. It's known for being very quiet, safe and peaceful, however things changed when the Dark Vampires entered the town and started taking lives of innocent people to satisfy their thirst. 

Two vampires, Natsu and Gray are determined to bring back peace to Magnolia and take down the Dark Vampires. Natsu has lost his true love before due to vampire related problems therefore he is scared to make the same mistake again, but things change when he meets young Lucy Heartfilia. 

How long will Natsu be able to hide his feelings from Lucy and his true being ? Will he be able to save her when she is in danger ?

And more importantly, will light be able to beat dark or will dark win over light ? 

DISCLAIMER: Characters belong to Hiro Mashima & The Vampire Diaries inspired me for a lot of this book !! 

Sorry I'm bad at descriptions but feel free to read my book ! 


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i still see that people in the comments hate on Lisanna. Lisanna is a smol bean, clearly people don't understand things. My comment is kinda irrelevant rip :,)
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I've never had my first kiss, in kindergarten a boy asked me to be his girlfriend xD ahh~ the good ol' days
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I was never asked, because my parents say I should live my life til love is found ( and no I was not thinking of the song)