Until Time Ends [UsUk]

Until Time Ends [UsUk]

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history maker By thealphagay Updated Sep 20, 2016

"We will make it out together, I promise."
"What if we don't?"
"We will." 

They called it The End. It took everything, except their love. It's what kept them alive. 

[Apocalypse AU] 

doodlebobtrash doodlebobtrash Jul 27, 2016
Is Ivan not going to be a sadistic k!ller villain in this fic? *tears up* it's a miracle
doodlebobtrash doodlebobtrash Jul 27, 2016
Being Gilbert in this story and not being bitten yet must be a bit awkward lol
CkTugano CkTugano Sep 09, 2016
g-guys? We are in the first chapter...
                              SOMETHING BAD IS GONNA HAPPEN IM AFRAID
TheTomatoBastardo TheTomatoBastardo Nov 05, 2016
I heard that there was this guy who took Flaka (A drug that makes you hallucinate and act violently) and are a homeless guys face, and I couldnt stop thinking about that.
xXSherlockHolmesX xXSherlockHolmesX Nov 28, 2016
Okay, i sense your gonna kill Iggy and make Al suffer. (ー_ー)
sansyboifresh sansyboifresh Dec 15, 2016
i was reading this in class and i squeaked out loud and everyone looked at me and i just put my phone away