Until Time Ends [UsUk]

Until Time Ends [UsUk]

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☆ alpha ☆ By thealphagay Updated Sep 20, 2016

"We will make it out together, I promise."
"What if we don't?"
"We will." 

They called it The End. It took everything, except their love. It's what kept them alive. 

[Apocalypse AU] 
-Probably on Hiatus for Forever-

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levijones_aph levijones_aph Oct 20, 2017
I squealed at the word "fiance"...
                              not at a time like this ;;
Cold-SnowX32 Cold-SnowX32 Oct 06, 2017
*is on the bus* *looks aaround to see if anyone else i reading what I'm reading* *no one else is even looking around or lively because it's 6:13 in the morning*
KingChlee KingChlee May 12, 2017
Honestly, in a real life, if a situation like this happened you wouldn't be able to call anyone because the phone lines would be too full. Just imagine like all of New York calling their loved ones at the same time. Nothing would work.
Midnight-Paris Midnight-Paris Sep 19, 2017
Every time I here Artie I think of We'll Meet Again. Probably because it's my favorite fanfic.
ScribbleInferno ScribbleInferno Oct 01, 2017
Normal officers be like: baton
                              COP BRAGINSKI BE LIKE: METAL PIPE OF DOOM BOI
Cold-SnowX32 Cold-SnowX32 Oct 06, 2017
You aren't going to steal him from the nursery, though right...?