5SOS Weight Gain

5SOS Weight Gain

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Luke's Main Hoe By Mrs_Madison_Hemmings Updated Sep 18, 2016

So this is new, uh, don't judge plz.

The ROWYSO tour has been out for a few weeks and Luke gained a lot of weight. He was so used to burning all the calories off on stage that once the tour ended he kept his eating habbits and didn't go to the gym. Resulting in gaining about 40 pounds in just over a month. He now had round tummy, no longer having the faint six pack he had while on tour, his thighs rubbed together when he walked around his parents house, and he had a nice round bubble butt. He didn't dare walk out of the house, paps would be on his tail wherever he went and he didn't want the hate that was certain to come with his new body. The odd thing is, Luke loved his body and he wanted to gain more weight.

The other boys didn't know because Calum and Michael were off somewhere in Florida and Ashton was spending time with his girlfriend, Bryana. But they would soon find out about Luke seeing as they were planning on coming home in a few hours.

Luke was going to pick them up at t...

BlueSam25 BlueSam25 Dec 25, 2016
All I imagined was a big table and Ashton starts eating and then in the corner you see a creep faced luke and Ashton stops as if he's been caught red handed