This Is Not A Fairytale.  [boyxboy]

This Is Not A Fairytale. [boyxboy]

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His life isn't some fairytale. No matter how much he wishes it was, he can't change that. He's in love with his bestfriend, who hasn't got a clue, seeing as his best friends Allison and Chase have no idea that Chris is gay. Let alone totally head over heels for Chase. How much longer can Chris pretend? How much longer can he live a lie? How much longer can he deny his heart?

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theplasma theplasma Aug 17
I also wish I live in one of these story 
                              *cough* *cough*
Xu-Weizhou Xu-Weizhou Jul 15, 2016
Lol  but my wish is my life like an Anime~~~♡_♡ i want to meet Usui,tamahome,Denis,Kaneki,Sebastian,L,Soma and manyyyyy more... xD
lowkey345 lowkey345 Apr 01, 2016
Great love always comes with great pain. It's a package deal honey.
lowkey345 lowkey345 Apr 01, 2016
It wouldnt 'suck. Balls.' as bad if they were Chase's 😁 Am I right or am I right?
Stephan-the-nerd Stephan-the-nerd Aug 19, 2016
Love is magic, and magic always comes with a price... 
                              *rumplestilskin voice from ouat*...dearie
dead_where_she_stood dead_where_she_stood Oct 28, 2016
I come out to people now by responding when they say 'youre going straight to hell' with ' no, I'm going bisexual to hell'.