Black earrings • bts

Black earrings • bts

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BTS are granted a six month vacation.
Where will they go?
Or will they stay in Hong Kong because they met this mysterious girl.
Mack is just an ordinary school girl living her high school life and fantasises over BTS.
Getting their concert tickets was already hard, but what if you fell in love with one of them?
Things get heated up when BTS moved in with her for their vacation. 

"Falling in love is the scariest thing in the world. But I'm willing to do so for you."

A love story between a school girl and an idol.

Who did she fall in love with? Read the story :3

im not even 160 :D jimin should be happy i'm so short like my god
Are you for real girl?
                              (Ok that's so totally me I understand you but still)
jiminise jiminise Sep 14
she should be given an award like young girl how can u go back to sleep after seeing them up close if it was me i would say hi and bye and then fainted ;-;
glennalow glennalow Jan 31
I still think this part is funny 😂😂😂and stupid at the same time which is a good thing
No ragrets 
                              (Me when I don't sleep for 72h on a school week)
CAUGHT IN A LIEEEEE!!!!! Who else is excited for the new album