Purple Is The Color of Passion

Purple Is The Color of Passion

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Ophelia D. Knight By Ophelia_is_Knightly Completed

"You're spoiled." He snapped at her as he moved toward her, fire in his caramel colored eyes.

"And you're a lecherous rake!" She snapped back just as he yanked her forward, kissing her hungrily.
She melted instantly. Turning into mush as his hands traveled down. One of his large hands squeezing her bottom. She gasped, electricity flying between them. 

"If this is how you react every time I tell you no, I'll be doing it a lot more often." He chuckled against her parted lips.

Her eyes widened and she jumped back, slapping him across the face. "Oh! You're insufferable!"
Adam Hugh Jr. was known for his handsome face, his poetic words and a smile that never seemed to disappear. Though it was common knowledge that he was a mulatto his happy go lucky personality and the fact that he was the successor to his father's company left him with constant female attention.

With a smile always on his face and laughter on his lips he brought women to their knees with his charm. All except for one woman in particular.

Dynasty Harrison was serious and stiff. She had no time for silliness or games. And nor was she easily impressed. She was born with a silver spoon in her mouth and thus she felt as if she were entitled to whatever she wanted.

When she meets Adam Jr. and for the first time in her life is told no she makes it a mission to avoid the handsome scoundrel.

Will Adam be able to crack her prime and proper shell? Or will she continue to deny the inevitable?

  • dominance
  • fiction
  • happiness
  • heartbreak
  • jealousy
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  • mulatto
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Whitewitch77 Whitewitch77 Dec 16, 2016
Lol..... Nice move adam.... N destiny, how come you let your emotion rule you... You are supposed to be a cold, outstanding n held your chin high.. Never aproach first, let them come to you... After all, you slap a boring man b4...
danie7151 danie7151 Apr 05, 2016
Animal girl please u wasn't thinking that before he rejected u you little snow bunny
Fuzzygish Fuzzygish Dec 23, 2015
Ooh, I've only read more the prologue and I'm hooked. You're my kind of writer.
Fuzzygish Fuzzygish Dec 23, 2015
Ooh, I've only read more the prologue and I'm hooked. You're my kind of writer.
rowlandsmith rowlandsmith Nov 27, 2015
adam you took advantage of her person by kissing her without asking her permission. plus you knew what she was talking about you idiot. dynasty may punch your lights out by taking liberty of her when you knew that she was already angry but you had to push her button.
rowlandsmith rowlandsmith Nov 27, 2015
dang adam how could you refuse a dance with the beautiful lady dynasty.you have gone and lost your mind by dishing dynasty like that. she will take afencce toyou by not dancing with her and will get revenge for it as well.