Marvel Cinematic Universe & X-Men One Shots

Marvel Cinematic Universe & X-Men One Shots

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Sabrina By UnderMySkin Updated Jan 22, 2017

M for Mature!

Similar to my Once Upon a Time one shots.

I will chip away at these one shots one by one; not reader Insert, but feel free to request what is on the list. One one shot per character, I will not do doubles (though you may find some in my "One Shots [For Me]" story). One request per person, and they will be done at a first come first serve basis. They will be done in my own time and they will not be personalized. I will be putting in OC's, but they will be generic.

  • avengers
  • blackwidow
  • brucebanner
  • buckybarnes
  • captainamerica
  • falcon
  • gamora
  • hawkeye
  • hulk
  • ironman
  • loki
  • marvel
  • peterquill
  • quicksilver
  • scarletwitch
  • steverogers
  • thor
  • tonystark
  • wintersoldier
DaniAngelus DaniAngelus Nov 04, 2017
I'd  love a Banner fic, if you're still taking requests.  And if taking more than one request, a Remy too. I see Ruffalo as Banner, his eyes are so expressive and that has always attracted me. lol   Don't know what you want to know about me....just ask.
Kara_Koehler Kara_Koehler May 08, 2016
I loved this plot! A small part of me wishes that she killed him, but that is just because I am weird. I love that this wasn't vanilla. Many people default to that for Steve, and I relly like that you don't do that.
LintaAM LintaAM Feb 01, 2017
Have you seen Hex? It has Michael Fassbender and he's so soft spoken in it, yet he literally plays the devil.  It would be interesting
UnderMySkin UnderMySkin Sep 01, 2015
For sure! Pre-Captain America or after the serum? It'll be done after Black Widow and Loki
Kendra_-_ Kendra_-_ Aug 31, 2015
Would you be open to requests from Marvel shows such as Agents of SHIELD and Agent Carter for example? I would really love a Jack Thompson one shot.