Aggressive Me, Passive You (#wattys2017)

Aggressive Me, Passive You (#wattys2017)

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It's not your average love story about a boy and a girl who fall in love. No, it's more complicated than that. Aniya and Hunter don't fall in love straight away; they're against dating opposite races from their own.

It all changes when The Buddy Club starts changing the way they start thinking about each other. They actually become friends and learn about each other's problems. 

Hunter is there for Aniya when no one else is and vice versa. These two don't know it yet, but they're the best thing that's ever happened to each other.


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enchilladaz enchilladaz Aug 03
I dealt with this before. And funny she was a white girl 😩
Honestly cannot read this anymore it's so racist. Also there r other races than just black and white
pasiiv pasiiv Sep 10
                              talk about my mama you getting ur ass beat either way
applepie112 applepie112 Sep 09
So is this how u describe hair now I got to go "the nappy headed weave girl" ok
neroshiro1000 neroshiro1000 Aug 02, 2016
Yeah that too... Yeah I have read a few stories that was way too similar
TaintedExcuse TaintedExcuse Aug 02, 2016
To be honestly. There are a lot of stories out there like this. How far of copying did they go?