A Disney Descendants Fanfiction: Carlos de Vil Love Story - I Love You

A Disney Descendants Fanfiction: Carlos de Vil Love Story - I Love You

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The Cameron Boyce Lover By KelliLink Completed

In the land of Auradon, a friendly, girl named Trinity, the daughter of Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen, who constantly gets bullied by most of the students of Auradon Prep, has been longing for someone who would love her no matter what, always be there for her, and never leave her side at any costs. 

Meanwhile, on the Isle of the Lost, a lonely, nearly unloved boy named Carlos de Vil, son of the infamous Cruella de Vil, just wants someone to truly love him for something more than just a villain and show him the affection that his evil mother unfortunately doesn't.

When Carlos comes to Auradon Prep with his three friends, Mal, Evie, and Jay, he meets Trinity, the one person he's been looking for his entire life, and is finally, genuinely happy for once in his life.

The same goes for Trinity as she finally sees that and there's nothing that could possibly break their wonderful embrace of their connection through the power and magic of love.

Newt_the_immune Newt_the_immune Jun 29, 2018
SAME BRO. But if you know love at first sight, what about u and Carlos?
WolfiaThePotato WolfiaThePotato Jun 09, 2018
                              Omg right before I opened the comments I said "I never got no love"
lala_magic lala_magic Apr 04, 2017
lol i do that all the time when i talk to boys , its so funny calling them either 'honey' or 'sweetie' cause to me its like mocking them and its funny to watch them react to it
ShadowHeart125 ShadowHeart125 Dec 30, 2017
We're are all the chocolate at man I'm both black in the book and real life and it's like rare to get a dark princess
- - Oct 25, 2017
Nope, give it pale skin, hazel eyes, mid length curly red hair, smaller and you got me.
Loudpanda121 Loudpanda121 Jan 01, 2018
It's spelled 'Mardi Gras' not 'Monte Gras.' Just to let you know.