Gifted | Werewolf

Gifted | Werewolf

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Elmasa By redrosettes Updated Nov 02, 2017

They say when you turn 18, you become an adult. For Emily, it's a different story. On her 18th birthday, she's thrown into the supernatural world with no clue of what she's supposed to do. 

Being a Gifted is considered an honourable and heroic thing for a wolf pack. But being a werewolf as well is so rare, that it actually never happened. 

Until Emily shifted into one. 

With a blood-thirsty Alpha chasing her and her family, drama of entering a pack of wolves, all while trying to figure out her weird powers, and finding her mate, Emily's schedule is full of events. 

But will she be able to survive it all in the end? 


It's NOT cliché. However, me saying that, is cliché. So I guess you'll have to read and figure that out by yourself :) 

I do not own any of the media that is shared, except for my own covers. I apologise if any of the pictures are yours, I'd like to credit all of the artists for the pretty art you all do. 

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OrkydPangelinan OrkydPangelinan Oct 03, 2017
I've never read anything like this! "This book is definitely going in my fave book category. Well not now because I'm currently reading it but most definitely when im done!"
Mariekukoyi29 Mariekukoyi29 3 days ago
I can't view the picture. I'm only seeing a picture of wattpad instead of Emily
Awee123kyl Awee123kyl Mar 30, 2016
*crosses arms and glares* Forgetting your daughters birthday?
                              Well then
dc_III dc_III Apr 02, 2016
Nice, very well thought out and good description, though not my favorite genre I still liked it :)
Awee123kyl Awee123kyl Mar 30, 2016
What kind of car did she get? And yes,I did ask that stupid question
SingridlLaisla12 SingridlLaisla12 May 16, 2016
His book seems to be splendid, sorry I do not speak English, I loved their covers as well.