Pinky Promise // A NoBoom Fanfiction

Pinky Promise // A NoBoom Fanfiction

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no longer active By HeyIts_Rae Updated Nov 15, 2016

"what if you fall in love? And what if you forget all about me?"

"I promise you that will never happen."

I held out my pinky, and she interlocked hers.

"I pinky promise."

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DanielleDuffy8 DanielleDuffy8 Sep 12, 2017
Just the fact that her mom said that Minecraft game is so funny
cosmicpark_ cosmicpark_ Oct 11, 2017
                              DID SOMEONE SAY THE MAZE RUNNER?!?!
phantasia- phantasia- Jul 20, 2016
This actually motivated me to get up and hug my mum. My dad didn't get one though.
cubesmpx cubesmpx Jul 11, 2016
why did i picture boots with Nathan's picture printed on them
HeyIts_Rae HeyIts_Rae Oct 14, 2015
Why in the world would loss autocorrect to kiss? I swear, my phone tries to ruin stories