To Live Again: The Road to War {Lord of the Rings Fanfiction}|

To Live Again: The Road to War {Lord of the Rings Fanfiction}|

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***BOOK II of the To Live Again Saga***

Clara has overcome much to finally find her happily ever after...but when is anything happily ever after in Middle Earth?

Thranduil and Clara are content, very much in love, and looking forward to their future under the eaves of the great forest. But the fate of Arda requires much more off the pair than they could have ever anticipated.

When the life of their family, and all they hold dear is put in great peril - the Prince and his strange little Princess must force themselves to make difficult decisions.

Decisions that could separate them forever. 

***Note: I would strongly advise you read Book I: To Live Again - as it explains much about Clara's unexpected arrival & journey***

**TOP TEN in FANDOM Winner2015**

*Cover Design by the talented SineadRobyn*

Disclaimer: All recognisable characters, places, and terminology belongs to Professor Tolkien and his incredible legacy which I am merely borrowing. Clara, her story, and my OCs belong to me.

princesswithashotgun princesswithashotgun Feb 04, 2016
Wow... you can really tell Oropher and Thranduil have been around each other for quite a long time... :P
littlepoirot littlepoirot Dec 02, 2016
*inhales sharply*
                              You screwed up, my dude.
                              Never, e v e r  ask 'what could go wrong?' because it really will go tits up from here on ij
Ima_Smirkwoodian Ima_Smirkwoodian Mar 03, 2016
When someone says that, it clearly means something will go wrong!
hobbitwithabowtie hobbitwithabowtie Nov 15, 2016
Oh no! Maybe she can't because it would change the course of the future...
princesswithashotgun princesswithashotgun Feb 04, 2016
Lol!! I would rather like to see that, actually. :D
                              I'M BACK BTW!!! I've been craving your version of Thranduil and Legolas lately.
princesswithashotgun princesswithashotgun Feb 04, 2016
What are you doing, CJ?... Rhetorical question; I'd much rather read and find out. I know I'll find out when I'm supposed to. ;)