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Lights. Camera. Scandal.
     Seventeen year old Teen Starlet, Kaperon Smith, is used to living life on the rebellious side.Her life turns down into ruins after committing scandals after scandals that would eventually tarnish her reputation. Kaperon is then exiled to her grandparents’ farm. She learns the true value of hard work, living the humble life and  not every guy would kiss the ground she walks on. Frustrated, that she can’t seem to rein in her feelings she harbors for a certain farm hand, her thoughts about him could only be seen as scandalous.
Okay, so firstly, on page one where you say "...wiped my hands off with a napkin then putting them safely in my lap." It should be, "...wiped my hands off with a napkin then PUT them safely in my lap." That is a simple mistake that anyway could make. 
                                    Anyway, this is a really good first chapter. Very humorous and amusing. It really lightened my mood. I'll add it to my reading list so i can check the rest out later. Keep up the excellent work!