My King

My King

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Nia By always_clever Completed

A time when King and Queens lead a whole country and servants was punished to even look at royalty.

Akia Buhari is a servant that was ported in from Angola and into UK where she would serve the finest king; King Theo. 

King Theo always step over his servants and other workers that is below him, until he saw Akia. 

Knowing that being with a King on her level is forbidden, but King Theo would do anything to get the lovely African goddess.


WARNING: Mature scenes and language. 


NoGoZone NoGoZone Apr 16
First book am reading that has a pure African( not African American) as a main character, so I'm kind of excited
Buhari. The name of the Nigerian president. I saw what u did there. 😂
Triplem03 Triplem03 Dec 26, 2016
She hard on Akia but she already got the idea the girl will be a Queen!
macyduk macyduk Oct 12, 2016
Very good so far I love this story , although the way they address him is incorrect and kind of a rank decrease. They should address him as " your majesty " not "my lord" that is kind of slap in the face . Sorry to be so critic but I only mean to help .
Kittycat1214 Kittycat1214 Dec 10, 2016
How does she have a perfect hourglass figure if her and her family are starving!? I'm going to imagine her as unhealthily skinny.
yanberry yanberry Jun 09, 2016
I am absolutely loving this and the details you put into the place and characters.