PBS #1: Good Girl

PBS #1: Good Girl

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lee<jjang>jun By Shxmxn Completed

[BangLyz Series / Stand Alone Book]

+ Pistanthrophobia
(n) fear of trusting people due to past experiences with relationship gone bad;

Kim TaeHyung, the heir of Taeyong Group and a player in BH High School. His grades keep getting worse in every exams, so his dad decide to find a tutor for him. Mr. Kim found out that his personal assistant has a brilliant daughter. He hire Mr. Ryu's daughter as his son's tutor.

Ryu SuJeong, the nerd in WM High School. She needs to be a tutor to a jerk of her dad boss son. She has a secret. When night comes, she become Ryuvely, the hottest girl in town.

What will happen if Taehyung found out SuJeong is Ryuvely? Will him let her go just like that?

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Published: 9 December 2015 - 1 September 2016

Am I the only one here who thought of Ban Ryu from Hwarang: the poet warrior when I see her name