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Wanting to be loved (Zuko)

Wanting to be loved (Zuko)

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Calypso-Nox By Calypso-Nox Completed

This story follows the life of Miku, a friend of Sokka and Katara. She joins them and the avatar on his journey to master all four elements.
*Zuko love story*

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Korean is my First language it took years For me to talk English correctly and even now my English is still bad so I understand
You could definitely look over the book again. No offense, but I'm used to quotation marks for when people are talking. That is just what I would prefer, at least. Also, some commas might be out of place and you probably have a couple run-on sentences. But it looks pretty good, otherwise.
Jeklym Jeklym Mar 27, 2016
If you gave the book some space betweem the each paragraph it would look better, and be a lot easier to read. Just a small tip;)
11joyce12 11joyce12 Feb 11, 2016
Is calypso your first name? Isn't that the woman in Greek mythology who was trapped on a island? ( I'm a grade A geek )
Baby_Girl550 Baby_Girl550 Nov 05, 2016
That's awesome are you multilingual or bilingual cause I'm multilingual since I speak English Spanish, and Haitian Creole
Nice name for the main character. Miku, I had to look that up but it means something along the lines of  Beautiful, Sky, Long Time.
                              So good job.