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The Sinners- Larry Stylinson AU

The Sinners- Larry Stylinson AU

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depressed smol bean By one_direction_storyz Completed

Louis was a sinner, why was he a sinner? Oh well, let me see,

His tattoos, his piercings, his attitude, the what he dresses, his bands, but the biggest sin is being.... gay. 

That's right, Louis Tomlinson is gay. 

So is Harry, but no one notices. Why? Well,

No tattoos, no piercings, no attitude, he dresses like his father, he listens to no music, he has a girlfriend, and he's not gay, at least that's what people know. 

Louis Tomlinson is an 19 year old drop out. Never finished school and can't get into collage. 

Harry styles is an 16 year old straight A student. The top of his grades and already has collages mailing him letters telling him that they would like him at their school. 

If only Harry would've had his wallet in his pocket.

kookiesbyunTAE kookiesbyunTAE Jul 23, 2016
This is why i am losing faith. Bcs the bible is contridicting < sorry if i spelt it wrongly
Superhero_Nerd_Steph Superhero_Nerd_Steph Sep 03, 2016
I like how people say "god made you the way you are for a reason" yet gay people are un-natural???? Um tf
God(if there is one at all) needs to select his editor and publisher wisely..looks like he made a DUMB mistake there...
Jazz_122 Jazz_122 Apr 05, 2016
I don't even believe god like I have to see to believe it ya know
maleigha_01 maleigha_01 Sep 30, 2016
My church is like an hour away and the service starts at 8:30 so I end up having to wake up at like 6:30
Jada1129 Jada1129 Sep 06, 2016
I LOVE THIS BOOK ALREADY!!!!!!!!!! Nothing can change my mind!!!!!