Memories in the Making[Chris Pratt story]

Memories in the Making[Chris Pratt story]

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Book Three in the Behind the Camera series.

Your favourite duo is back in their next adventure. They have tackled dating and marriage and now the next step comes in parenthood. 

Keira and Chris had always talked about how they would be as parents, but they never really knew what to expect until they actually became parents.
Now mother and father to the ever charming Bentley, the two have their hands full raising the newly turned four year old.
With his father's look and his mother's personality (as much as Keira doesn't believe it), Chris and Keira have entered the world of parenthood.

That means fighting monsters that lurk under the bed, jumping in puddles, dealing with weird mothers at daycare and overall making sure their son is the happiest kid in the world.

With Flynn as Bentley's self assigned body guard and Lilo and Bilbo in the mix, Bentley is far from ever being bored while growing up.

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Shy_Wolf78 Shy_Wolf78 Apr 02, 2017
I swear when I have kids I am going to end up cursing so much around them!
Skylarplayzgames Skylarplayzgames Aug 20, 2017
Ima let my kids cuss. Because I'll screw up around them all da time.
Shy_Wolf78 Shy_Wolf78 Apr 02, 2017
My mom let me watch the avegers when I was I like 2 and I've loved the movie ever since! #TheAvengersRule
-sinful -sinful Mar 30, 2016
I want a flashback of everything that happened in the pregnancy because I'm sappy like that
Birdy78a Birdy78a Mar 04, 2017
I know im gonna be like her when it comes to parenting!! Best parents ever!!! Bentley's lucky
Catgaming Catgaming Jul 29, 2016
I wouldn't say frightening.... I would probably use a different word.... 😉😏