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A Different Reality (Percy Jackson Fanfiction)

A Different Reality (Percy Jackson Fanfiction)

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RahCol By RahCol Updated Feb 23

What if our favorites demigods went to sleep one night, just to wake up in another reality? One where there are no demigods, no prophecies, where they didn't even like each other?

Can they find a way to come back? Would they survive high school on their own, or they will need help from the voices inside their heads, the original owners of the bodies they are stuck inside?

(and if someone could be so kind of making me a cover - since I have absolutely no idea how do to it - or have a better idea for the name or description, feel free to tell me)

A/N: I love ALL of the characters of the series (shocking! I even think of Luke as a hero, Jason as a good guy and Piper as smart and generous girl!) and my life goes beyond my bf. That being said, I should warn you that you won't find hate for Jason or such in here. I actually keep a list with my chapters so I can equally balance the same amount of POV between all of them(or try to). You'll find small amount of couple actions, but mostly, family interactions, friends, studies, jobs, pet, hobbies and some "me time" for the characters. If that's what you like, go ahead, read, vote, comment and tell me if you're enjoying it.

mintfangirl mintfangirl Aug 17, 2016
Really😱I've obviously seen a few mistakes here and there and commented on a small fraction of them but I never would have guessed. I've read stories of people who speak English on average and have terrible grammar and thousands of spelling mistakes. A++ for you😂👍🏼
In my life, I have witnessed one cyber bully and that's it. I have never been bullied, so idk what bullying really is here in America. Lol. Cause I have been homeschooled for most of my life.
demigodwitch4 demigodwitch4 Dec 19, 2016
Freaking, what?! Am I imagining this? Holy Hera! 100+ words!
Whats_In_It_For_Me Whats_In_It_For_Me Jul 18, 2016
Omg. You taught yourself english. *claps* well done. English is my first Language and I still cant speak it properly!
AdamTehCorgi AdamTehCorgi Sep 02, 2016
Your doing great. But I am curious, what's your main language? :3
What?!! Your doing amazing!!! I would of thought English was your first language