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Rejected  (#JustWriteIt)

Rejected (#JustWriteIt)

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Kim Black By K-Black Completed

Hazel Freeman is a normal she wolf, a member of  the Blue Lake pack. Her parents loved her to death and she always dreamt about the day she would meet her mate. 
But when the clocked ticked 12 am, signaling the start of a new day, the alpha's son's birthday, everything went downhill. She found out that she was his mate but he inreturn wasn't so happy. 
How can he have a fat omega as his mate and luna of his pack?
Rejected and depressed, Hazel ran away to no man's land. She stumbled across a lot of things on her way and soon enough became the alpha of one of the most strongest pack there is. 
Life was peachy, but ofcourse it wasn't always as loving. Due to frequent rogue attacks and a 'Hell Hound' endangering the royal family, the king has no other choice but to ask for help, and who would be better than the two largest and strongest packs in the kingdom? 
Will Hazel be able to handle the secrets she'll unfold and the feelings to resurface?

I'm writing this story for wattpad's #justwriteit challenge.
write a 50,000 word story in 30 days! 
please vote, comment, and fan and i hope you guys enjoy reading it :)

(Slowly editing)

SanaRox SanaRox Nov 07, 2016
My brother makes fun of me, call me names but tats just part of de deal. I know he doesn't mean it ......i hope so...
Larrie_Potterhead Larrie_Potterhead Nov 23, 2016
- - Aug 03, 2016
I weigh 113 but since I'm so super tall I look a lot skinnier
watagirl_2587 watagirl_2587 Aug 11, 2016
Just go on diet. I'm 130 lbs but I am chunky . One problem I cant stick to a diet for more than 2 hrs
Vanny0225 Vanny0225 Aug 18, 2016
Ohhh so she is uhhhhhhhh, oh the president is calling me byeeeee
_lilacnotes_ _lilacnotes_ Aug 04, 2016
Well that just makes her glo up even better when she later becomes "worthy" of her mate