"Mafia or not, you will not push me around!"

"I could easily kill you"

"Go ahead"


"Why not?"

"I like you sweetheart"

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VeganRiceMilk VeganRiceMilk 2 days ago
That's what i say to any human being of the gender male when they try talking 2 me
Yeah but you'll still have the money they give you when they die. 😉
I know right;)*tries flipping hair but it ends up on my face*
Thats what I say if Im not feeling someone or that Im lesbian
Then again thats her protecting her friend so Ima let is slide
For me it depends like if my mom is chill and don't give me a hard time (like the more I give her the more she wants) then I'm stay with her untill I get a husband but is not then I'ma move my ass out