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"Mafia or not, you will not push me around!"

"I could easily kill you"

"Go ahead"


"Why not?"

"I like you sweetheart"

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That's what i say to any human being of the gender male when they try talking 2 me
amorousel amorousel Oct 27
i'll probably be like that in the future when I'm independent but rn I have the mindset of taking it because if I want to pursue the career I want to do then I'm going to need a lot of money for it.
He’s probably cheating, cause why the fück not? You know? It happens in every story, where prince “ charming” is cheating so she could go to the bad boy!!
But why 3.97 and not 3.99 or something? That's such a weird number 😐
*throws covers off*
                              *throws phone at wall*
                              *Goes back to sleep bc its three in the fûcking morning*
Oh Jesus he has the same last name as mehh 😱😱😱😱😭😭😭