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Kpop Imagines & smuts

Kpop Imagines & smuts

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J I M I N 💫🌺💫 By jimins_abs_ Updated Nov 22, 2016

Kpop imagines and smuts 
Can be any idols just request them 
They can be rated R or not

candy_squid candy_squid Apr 19, 2016
Smut plz!!!!
                              Name: Nameless Person
                              Kpop idol: Kevin (U-Kiss)
                              Genre: really sweet and cute and happy
kenzthe11th kenzthe11th Aug 23, 2016
                              Name: Makenzie
                              Idol: EXO Baekhyun
                              That's all I'll say, I wanna be surprised.
                              If you want maybe slightly kinky idk??
Arciilusionz Arciilusionz Nov 22, 2016
Idol: Tzuyu (Twice)
                              Name: Jay ____
                              Genre: Cute and sexy
                              Story and plot: UP TO YOU AUTHOR-NIM!
KarimaIslam KarimaIslam Jun 30, 2016
                              MY NAME IS KARIMA BUT HE'LL SAY JELLY 
                              THE GUY IS LEO FROM VIXX
                              USING HAND CUFFS
                              WE HAD A FIGHT ABOUT ANOTHER GIRL
                              THAT'S AL
got7bitchhh got7bitchhh Feb 07
Idol: Bambam. GOT7
                              Name: whatever you want I guess but my name is Elysia 
                              Genre: kinky smutty stuff,,,, like if you're comfortable bondage and that good good 👌👌
shinchan_gyujin shinchan_gyujin Jun 01, 2016
Your name : Joo
                              Kpop Idol : Wonwoo Seventeen
                              Genre : Rough, Sexy
                              Joo was hanging out with her bestfriend, Gyujin but suddenly, Wonwoo bursted in the housr while Gyujin and Joo were hugging that time. Wonwoo told Gyujin to go, after that Wonwoo attacks Jo's lips roughly.