Beauty and the Beast (kickthestickz & some phan)

Beauty and the Beast (kickthestickz & some phan)

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Chris craved adventure. He was sheltered from the world by his parents. Raised in a rich family only to grow up into the modeling business, to do his parents proud. But he was bored. He wanted something interesting to happen. Anything.

Pj longed for love. His father, abusive. His mother, long dead. His friends, non existent. Nobody in  the world cared for him, or even wanted to listen to the ideas he had. His life was so screwed up. But when you live in the bad side of London with no one looking after you, how can you not be? 

Maybe fate brought them together. Maybe destiny...maybe even luck. But whatever did...

had some wicked intentions in mind.

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i s2g when i read the intro paragraph about her i was like "i hope she's gay".
Michael_Lestrange Michael_Lestrange Oct 09, 2016
Like I know what she's going through my friends and family keep pressuring me to date this guy that I don't like and he doesn't like me because we'd look cute together.
HAHAHAHAHAH. This was my legit reaction when I found out that my sister was kind of "married" to her "best friend".
Laimura Laimura Aug 06, 2016
I read 'my sister wasn't straightlike I was' and immediatly thought, hun you are the least straight person ever, stop pretending
Laimura Laimura Aug 06, 2016
You Chris also out smiles on our faces.  Don't be so self-depreciating.
sslouis sslouis Aug 13, 2016
why was that the first conclusion also silly peej of course he'd knock himself out that doof