Urushihara x Neko reader

Urushihara x Neko reader

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RougeReaper By RRreaper Completed

Urushihara x (female) Neko reader. This story is about you traveling from Ente Isle to the human world after leaving because of everyone's severe constant bullying. After helping a certain demon in your cat form you end up at his complex where he lives with two other guys and there always seems to be a certain red head barging in. That's where your story begins.
(Might switch POV's every now and then)

This is my first time writing a fanfic so I hope you like it. I don't own any of the characters or whatever it is that people keep saying when they write these things. I mean obviously I don't own it because hey it's already an anime, but I don't know so I just thought I would mention it.

(I also realized that in the first two chapters I didn't use the other guys main names, so I will try to fix it for the rest of them so they say Maou  and Ashiya.)

Dragon_Slayer763 Dragon_Slayer763 Aug 29, 2016
This was my first anime ever so when I saw this I got exited
Chiko_Riggs Chiko_Riggs Sep 05, 2016
I wonder.....what would they do...... If we showed them that we aren't act
HiyoriIky HiyoriIky Jun 12, 2016
An injured person is even more dangerous than a healthy one. Didn't you all know that? 😂😂
YourDarkBloodAngel YourDarkBloodAngel Jun 09, 2016
Wow, seriously, I'm just going to name myself after my cat: Sam I am and Green eggs and ham. No, seriously that is my cat's name!😸
NurAllysaEizzaty NurAllysaEizzaty Apr 03, 2016
You name a cat (y/n) !! What type of person are you... Oh wait you not a person.....
LOL! My name is Akuma,  basically the cat would be named a demon. Such coincidence!